Mommy got to Christian’s Dr. appointment!

Christian was scheduled for his 18 month check up today. We were not sure if or how Jennifer would be able to go to this appointment. We all knew this was extremely important to her, Tom and Jennifer have always gone together to all the kids appointments. I knew if there was any way I could possible get her there, I was gonna get her there. So, last night Tom and I practiced/tried to get her into the car, to see if there was a way we could get her there. So, we tried with Tom’s car first, but his car seats were to high. Tom has to fully pick her up and sit her in the car. She is not able to assist, yet. After a few trial runs, we realized his car would not work. SO, the next option was Jessica’s car.

After a practice and a few quick fixes, we were able to get her safely, and comfortably, into Jessica’s car. I was really relieved, and happy, to know YES she would be able to get there!

We took our time today, getting FULLY prepared for any possible issue. I felt like I was packing everything, including the kitchen sink, to take to this appointment. I was trying to prepare for any possible problem, discomfort, or need. With my suitcase in hand, we took off to the doctor.

We got Jennifer to the doctor without any issues or problems at all! She was able to comfortably be able to sit in the front seat, Tom was in the backseat with Christian, and I drove. Overall, the appointment was pretty uneventful. Christian is a healthy, super cute, little fatman, like we all already knew 🙂 No shots at this appointment.

I think this appointment was so important because this was Jennifer’s first outing since the 2 weeks in the hospital. She easily could have just push off the appointment for another day or had someone else take him. There was no way Jennifer was gonna do that! She was determined to get there, even if it was painful or hard. That is the true sign of a great momma and true mommy love!


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