Fundraising Events / Donate

I have started a GoFundMe page for Jennifer. The cost of her fight with cancer is becoming extremely high. I have made it my mission to make sure Jennifer was not going to a nursing facility when she was discharged. The cost of making that a reality has been hard. First, she needed a medical bed, a wheelchair, a walker, and personal hygiene equipment. It was important to me, and the family, that she does not go to a nursing facility for many reasons. First, psychologically, I know she needed to be home with her kids. When she was first diagnosed, Jennifer and the kids move in to a house with my roommate and I. This has been the best decision so far. Having Jessica and I here with her and the kids made coming home to her kids a realistic option. She has to have a responsible adult with her at all times. I say responsible adult because they have to understand how and went to move her, how to help her without causing injury etc. She is unable to walk but we do not want that to stop her from have some daily activity.

Her room has been recreated into a hospital room. After spending 10-14 hours a day in the hospital I have been able to do a pretty decent job with recreating the type of daily care she was getting in the hospital. The cost to do this has been more than any of us have expected. BUT I do not want her to have any neglect, physical, mental, or emotional, why she is trying to progress forward through this cancer battle.

We are asking for donation through the GoFundMe page so we can maintain a safe, healthy, sterile, and positive environment for her. AND to pay for the 145.00 round trip wheelchair transport cost, each time she goes to the dr. and physical therapy. At this point she has 2-3 trips a week.



In the past, I have been able to organize and execute really successful fundraisers, for Jennifer, and for other charity organizations. I am currently in need of locations! I would like to find a retail store, maybe a grocery story or Wal-Mart type store, that would allow my niece and I to have a bake sale, or fundraiser sale outside the store on a weekend.

Another fundraiser idea, I would like to find a church, community center, etc. that would allow me to host a pasta dinner fundraiser! This type of fundraiser is a lot of fun and can be extremely successful!

My biggest issue is locations SOOOO anyone who has a friend, family, acquaintances, co-workers etc. who might know of a place PLEASE! let me know ASAP!