I have started a new gofundme for Jennifer. No matter what happens at this point, we are already seeing the hard road ahead of us. She will have so many things she needs now. We are going to try and do everything we can for Jennifer to not have to go to a nursing facility. We want to bring her home, as fast as we can. We need to have a medical bed at home, plus a long list of personal items, walker, wheelchair, cane etc.

The largest tumor is sitting right over top the part of the brain that controls the movement of the left side of her body. Every time she has gotten sick the left side of her body gets extremely weak. I know when she wakes up she is going to have little to no muscle control on the left side of her body.

Please help by donating, and sharing her story around social media!



Slowly Starting To Wake Up

Jennifer is slowly starting to wake up. She is ever so slightly opening her eyes. She said “hi” to the nurse this morning, when the nurse came in the move her. She seems to move her arms around and her head more when there are people around her talking. Dr. Diaz thinks she may be having such a struggle waking up ┬ábecause her dose of Keppra is so high and her B-12 levels are so low. So, the Dr is going to lower the Keppra dose ever so slightly and add a daily B-12 shot. Hopefully this will help increase her strength and ability to wake up!!!!

We brought the baby in to help her with the motivation and happiness to wake up and keep fighting!


Private Room

Jennifer has been asleep since the seizure. She was moved into a private room last night. This is great because now someone can spend the night with her. If she was sharing a room we would not be able to stay with her. Her husband, Tom, stayed the night with her last night. I am not working over the summer, perk of being a teacher, so I can stay with her during the day. She had not woken up and the doctors say she may sleep an entire day or more. I’ll be here when she does wake up.

She has been getting fevers up to 101 102. The nurses are not sure why, they say this can happen. The time, just sitting here, waiting for her to wake up, seems to be so painfully slow. There isn’t anything we can do besides just sit and wait.


We made it to the ER. Jennifer had a room waiting for her. She was able to get into the ER bed, she was given some pain medication for her headache. Over the last 30 minutes her head has been hurting more and more. We were waiting to go down to get the MRI done, Jennifer was napping, she woke up for a few minutes and then her leg started twitching. I asked her if she was moving her leg, she said no, I am fine.

Her entire body started convulsing. I did not know what to do. All I could think was scream for the nurse. I was panicking because I did not know what to do or how to help her. All I could think was, make it stop, but there was no way I could stop anything.

Once I screamed for a nurse, a group of nurses came in, gave her a bunch of different medications to stop the seizure and calm her body. This has been by far the scariest thing I have ever seen.


Back to the ER

We are back in the ER. Over the weekend jen was fighting extreme fatigue, exhaustion, and “chemobrain” like symptoms. Thing have progressively gotten worse. We were trying to get her an MRI at St. Anthony’s but she was throwing up constantly, unable to carry her own weight, and lethargic. We stole the wheelchair and trash can from the MRI center at the professional building connected to St Anthony’s, we rolled right over to the ER. Not sure what this random mix of symptoms means at the moment.

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Diaz. After going through the symptoms he believed her thyroid may not be working properly and that may be what all of these random symptoms are caused from. This is really disappointing for everyone. We had many months of positive updates and recovery.

Back at Square One

Over the course of the last 5 months, I have been so happy not posting on this page. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping to never have to update or post again. To me, not updating this page meant things were going well and our lives were getting back to normal. BUT here I am April, 13, 2017 updating Jennifer’s Cancer Fight page. On Tuesday morning at 230am, I drove Jennifer to the ER at St Anthony’s. My niece Natalie is the one who knocked on my bedroom door to tell me Jennifer had no feeling in the left side of her body. AGAIN. Just like last August. Same as every time before, Natalie handled herself with calm, cool, and collect control. We got Jennifer into the car and as soon as we go to the ER she was taken back to a room for a CT scan and blood work. At around 530 the ER doctor came in the room, I knew it was bad news because he had a very sad look on his face. He told us that the lesions were growing again and there were new lesions. He compared the current CT scan to the one she had done 3 months ago, there was substantial growth. They started her on steroids to try and control the swelling. The chemo and immunotherapy she has been taking for the last 8 months is no longer working. Her cancer has become resistant to it. So now, she has to start a new treatment program. This time around, the new medication has a 60% chance of working. She has to start radiation treatment again too. She can not do full brain radiation treatments, that was a one time plan. Her option now is targeted radiation. Friday she goes for the mapping, treatment starts Monday. Until she has some kind of treatment that starts working and getting this under control, we are just in a dangerous limbo.

Halloween and The Holiday Season

Jennifer has been doing remarkably well. I have been so busy, I have completely forgotten to update the page about Halloween. ­čśŽ Well, when Jennifer was first diagnosed and we learned the cancer was in her brain, one of my first thoughts, which I don’t admit to very often, was God please let her at leave live long enough to have one more holiday season with her kids.

Well, we had a wonderful Halloween, Jennifer was able to participate as much as anyone could hope for and the kids had a wonderful time. We actually had three different Halloween events we were able to take the kids too. I really enjoyed the fact that I was about to organize and get the kids together and Jennifer was able to enjoy the fun parts.

On Saturday we went to the Largo central park, Spooketacular event. The baby was too young to do anything more than looking cute. Natalie was too old for the bounce houses and the vast majority of the stuff to do, BUT her costume was so cute (and make up on point) people kept commenting and taking her picture. I know she was loving every minute of it!

The baby was dressed up as an elephant because once he started crawling about two months ago, he crawls with his butt in the air, I swear he looks like a baby elephant. I had to cut out the armpits and make some minor adjustments because it was a thick costume, he could have gone trick or treating in any New England city and he would have been comfy, here, I was afraid of heat stroke.

Almost all of the family went trick or treating together. My sister, her husband, the three kids, Mom, Ray, Jessica, and myself. In previous years we have not been able to find a neighborhood that has many trick or treater’s or active houses. This year, we found the perfect place! All night there were families all over the sidewalks, laughing, joking, walking with their little goblins and gools. It was such a fun experience, it was very much a traditional Hallmark style moment.

I have made it my goal for this holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years AKA Natalie’s 16th birthday, that I would do everything I can to organize a memorable and fun holiday event for the family. It has been such a hard year for all of us, so I want to create a better ending to 2016. When all of this started on August, I did not believe Jennifer would make it to Halloween, not to mention 2017. We are all so thankful for the blessings we have received during these extreme times. One successful holiday down, 3 more to do. The theme for the rest of the year is, love, appreciation, care, relaxation, reflection, and family.