We Need Cheerleaders!

While Jennifer is going through this awful time, I think it would be pretty awesome if we could build an online support system/cheerleaders for her! She needs a lot of motivation, prayers, love, and support during this hard time. She has a really hard road ahead and I know she would love to see the support! Follow, like, share, comment etc!

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Small Steps Forward

Jennifer is more and more alert each day. Her radiation treatments will be finished on Wednesday. Dr. Bloom wants her to stay inpatient until then, to make sure she is ok and there is not too much swelling. Each radiation treatment can cause swelling, she already is battling extreme swelling. The seizure in the ER was because of the current swelling she has, so there is a danger in adding new radiation treatments. We will have to wait, pray, and hope for the best.

Jennifer is getting really antsy about leaving the hospital, so knowing that she will have to wait till Wednesday makes things difficult for her. I am trying to build a lot of support for her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, by sharing her story. I am hoping building this support for her will help her with the motivation, courage, and strength she needs to push through these few days and make it home to her kids!


Last full brain radiation treatment

Today is Jennifer’s last full brain radiation treatment. At this point, she can not have any more full brain treatments. 10 is the max, anything higher than 10 can cause brain damage. So, now we have to wait for 3 weeks for her next MRI. The 3 week waiting period is given because the brain may need up to three weeks to fully shrink the lesions.

In the meantime, she is seeing Dr. Diaz. He is in charge of trying to correct and remove the melanoma cancer, in her breast. Dr. Diaz is starting her on a pill form of chemotherapy and a newly approved medication that will specifically target the mutated gene that has been the culprit behind the cancer she now has. Knowing this mutated gene is the cause of the cancers has given us hope because there is a way to try and stop it. We are not sure how these two medications will affect Jennifer on a daily basis. For now, we know that the next three weeks are a waiting game, and a new step in this process.

The cost of medication, treatments, and home healthcare are beginning to worry all of us. I have made a promise to Jennifer, she will not suffer or lose this battle because she does not have money to pay for any form of treatment, whether that is pill form or anything else.

Please keep Jennifer in your prayers. She needs them!

Back to the hospital

Treatment number 5 was this morning. Around 2pm, a headache started and progressively got worse to the point of excruciating pain. The light sensitivity was so bad the only way to relieve the pain was with a dark towel over her eyes. Ice seemed to help the headaches a little. We made a ice hat for her head. The headache was coming in waves and simultaneously shooting pain down her arms. She became very confused and at one point could not decipher her daughter Natalie from Michelle. At that point, we decided it would be best to take her back to St. Anthony’s ER.

A new CAT Scan was done and waiting for the results was an eternity. We were very worried this new CAT Scan would should something worse. Every test result we received prior this this one was always worse than the last. So we felt the odds were against us in everything. Luckily, this scan showed no new damage or brain bleed. This result was the best we could hope for! So, the headache has to have been a reaction to the radiation, hormonal changes or something along that line.

We are hoping she can stay in the hospital until her Monday treatment. That way we can see how her body reacts to treatment #6. We are more prepared now and we understand the extreme importance in having pain medication on hand and ready for any side effect pain she may experience.

The worst part of all is the fear of the unknown. Of course, it is a worse fear for Jennifer but it is weighting on all of us.