Last Radiation Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the last radiation treatment! I feel like this has been a long 10 treatment journey and we should celebrate making it to the end! I wish I could be at the hospital with Jennifer tomorrow, this will be the only treatment I will miss. BUT as long as everything goes ok tomorrow, she will be discharged on Thursday. She will also have her immunotherapy on Thursday.

She is unable to walk, as of now. We are working with physical therapy to help try and build some of her muscle control and strength. Her left side is so weak her left leg looks like there is no muscle left. Her left arm is better than the leg, but it is still weak. I am going to talk with her physical therapist today to see what kind of exercises we can do at home.

When I look at the current situation we are in, I can see how this is the point when patience can either give up or push through. I would never pretend to understand the position Jennifer is in or how she feels about all of this, what I can say is I have a natural ability and desire to always push and push and push. I am always a “can do” person, no matter the odds. My goal is to try and influence Jennifer to take this same attitude.

If it take 45 minutes for her to slowly move in or out of bed, so be it. If it take an hour to get outside, that is fine. As long as we constant look to moving one foot in front of the other and we focus on today, not the total road ahead of us. I think we will make it!